You’re tired of attending parties where all you can do is eat, talk, and dance. You want something truly special for your upcoming event—something that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Have you considered renting a custom video arcade? Custom video arcade systems can play over 10,000 classic arcade games. Your guests can meet friends and share laughs as they play games they know and love.

A custom video arcade is a great choice for several different events.

1. Wedding Reception

Your guests yawn when they go to the “same old” wedding reception. They greet the bride and groom, grab a plate of food, and (if they’re brave) dance a little. They’re smiling on the outside, but inside, most of them can’t wait until the reception ends.

Including a gaming room at your reception is the perfect touch. By renting a video arcade, you give guests something unique to do during the evening. Your relatives and college friends alike will enjoy taking a break at the gaming room.

A gaming room also keeps kids and teens occupied. Kids and teens may get bored and start to stir up trouble if there aren’t kid-friendly activities at the reception.

2. Graduation Party

What’s more novel to a group of 18-year-old high schoolers than a retro arcade system? Rather than engaging in reckless behaviors so common at graduation parties, party guests will enjoy playing arcade games until the sun comes up.

Even though teenagers are used to gaming with high-tech motion sensor games like the Wii, they still ooh and aah when they get the chance to play a classic arcade game. There’s something special about arcade systems that modern gaming systems can’t quite replicate.

3. Birthday Party

Don’t let your kids miss out on the fun. An arcade system helps your child’s birthday party stand out. With a custom arcade, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of taking guests to an arcade or game center. Guests get to play all their favorite arcade games right in your basement. 

Kids love arcade games where they can compete against each other. The most popular arcade games for kids include sit-down racing games like Daytona USA and Hydro Thunder.

4. Office Party

If you’re planning an event to reward your employees, you wonder how you can entertain such a wide group of people. How can you find an activity that pleases both the CEO and the summer intern?

Video arcades can captivate all your employees, no matter their age, gender, or position at the company. Arcade games are exciting for younger employees and produce a happy nostalgia in middle-aged employees.

Fortunately, custom arcade systems provide a wide variety of games for both beginning and intermediate gamers.

5. Prom

High school students hope their prom will be more memorable than any other high school event. But with limited time to plan, administrators and students typically plan a prom that’s just like last year’s prom.

Renting a custom video arcade is a simple way to add some pizzazz to this year’s prom. Students who want a break from dancing (or who don’t enjoy dancing at all) can compete against their date in a racing game or play Pac-Man with a group of friends.

A custom video arcade can fit into many different prom themes, such as 1970’s or casino-style.


A custom video arcade is a great choice for a variety of different events. And renting a custom video arcade is no work for you. Our team can deliver your arcade systems, set them up, and then take them down afterwards. Call us to rent a custom video arcade for your event!