Arcade Racing Seat

Home Arcade Racing System

Our DreamAuthentics Arcade Racing Cabinet for MAME and other emulators is the best solution for you if you are a huge racing fan!

As we started our company back 15+ years ago we knew that since we are based in Indianapolis, IN – it is widely known that this is the “Racing Capital of the World” with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – or commonly referred to as the Indy 500.

Many of our customers enjoy racing games via emulators like MAME such as Pole Position, Cruisin USA, Daytona and others. The issue exists that the hardware for racing arcades has always been very proprietary and made specific for the racing game.

Features such as “Force Feedback”, Shifters, Gas, Pedal and clutch are common in racing systems. Although on all of our products you can “race” by using our award-winning Tornado Spinner it still does not give you the ultimate feel of a car or advanced racing arcade.

To create a fantastic solution we partnered with Hewlett Packard and the Luczo Dragon Indy 500 race team. The goal was to create a portable, simple but effective racing cabinet for their drivers to “keep sharp” and mentally visualize the race tracks. It took us 2 years working with Luczo Dragon but we did it! We made the ULTIMATE racing cabinet for common emulators like MAME.

Our “Racing Base” neatly attaches to *ANY* of our arcades but it is most optimally designed for our “Kiocade” brand cabinet because of attaching and viewing distance.

If you are not a championship Indy 500, Formula One or NASCAR driver that is ok – we can help you “race the good race” at home or work on one of our arcade race systems! Have us build and design yours today!