Trade My Arcade!

Do you have one or more arcade cabinets in your collection that you are tired of playing?
Does your wife or significant other want to CLEAR ROOM and wants all games and arcades OUT NOW?
Do you have one or more arcades that are broken and you don’t know how to fix them?
Do you have a big game room that now needs to be turned in to the baby or kids room?

Would you like to have a company “Wave a magic wand” (or Joystick) to solve your arcade game space issues?

Get to write off 100% of your donation from your taxes?

We have partnered with Video Game Palooza! which is a charitable 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to Educating, Entertaining and Inspiring people of all ages through video games. Video Game Palooza! will not only remove any and all video games from where ever you have them by their professional staff (does not matter if they work or not) and will give you a fair market valuation of your products so that you can write off the value with your taxes!

Video Game Palooza will then refurbish and donate video games (and consoles) of all kinds to people in need and charities.

Please take a moment to contact Video Game Palooza! Or speak with one of our representatives to get you all the information you need to transform your game room, help kids and save money on your taxes. That is a win-win-win scenario for all!