About Us

logoThe LAN Network owns, manages and operates a portfolio of synergistic, innovative, high-quality Video Game-related products and services that entertain, educate, and inspire. Values-based and performance-driven, The LAN Network is dedicated to delivering on our corporate, philanthropic, and familial responsibilities (while having fun). The LAN Network’s synergistic video game and entertainment properties include:

DreamAuthentics.com (Personalized Video Arcade Entertainment Systems)

The world’s #1 custom video arcade manufacturer, made in the USA since 2000 – DreamAuthentics are high-quality, state-of-the-art, personalized video arcade cabinets, complete with classic arcade monitors; powerful, hi-end sound systems; easy-to-use controls, and over 125 retro arcade games pre-loaded on an accessible Windows based PC (so you can also load thousands of other games).

In addition to video gaming, you can also: surf the Internet, play CDs on the jukebox, karaoke, and watch DVDs. With DreamAuthentics, you can even store, integrate and play today’s hottest game consoles like Wii, XBOX and Playstation. Moreover, DreamAuthentics are stylized to your design preference: you can make it look anyway you like!

TheLanNetwork.com (eSports Video Game Community Portal)

TLN was one of the very first eSports websites dedicated to the competitive gaming and the first professional video game teams back in 2009. The TLN site was started by the family of a professional Halo player.

The site quickly was established as one of the first thriving eSports communities for the popular Halo franchise. TLN had invented the concept of “The Gaming House” and trained some of the most successful and storied eSports video game teams of all time. The community portal hosts LIVE Webcasts and HD gameplay and tournaments that are broadcast from “The Gaming House” which started in IL and is now in IN. The

TLN site has an innovative tournament leaderboard and fantasy section of the website where players can track their favorite teams throughout tournaments. Finally, The LAN Network is a fantastic builder of friends, family and community around video games and eSports and will continue to serve the gaming community for many years to come.

RetroBlast.com (Retro Video Game News and Reviews)

Retroblast was one of the very first and most popular Retro Video Game and Pinball review sites of all-time. The RetroBlast property was acquired by TLN in 2014 and is being converted over to a more modern, robust hosting platform. The focus of the website is to provide the latest and greatest information for Retro Video Game and Pinball reviews to the user community.

Once the new site enhancements are complete, Retroblast will be adding many user and fan based community building sections of the website.

The Retroblast site will build significantly on a vast variety of video review formats that will keep users, hobbyists and fans up to date on the best ways to improve their own game rooms and nostalgic collections.

Mameworld.info (MAME Resources, Information and Community)

Mameworld is THE authoritative site in the retro video gaming community focused on the MAME(tm) emulator and the vast power, software and resources that have been created over the years by a fanatical community.

The Mameworld site is first and foremost a THRIVING USER COMMUNITY that focuses on all aspects of retro gaming including but limited the MAME emulator, controllers, artwork, emulation and gaming links, fantastic user forums and everything and anything hobbyists would care to learn about the “granddaddy” of video game emulators. Since all of the DreamAuthentics arcades are 100% MAME(tm) compatible with the games we have acquired this fantastic resource for all of our gaming customers worldwide to further help them enjoy their nostalgic gaming experience.

Video Game Palooza! (Partnership with Charitable Non-Profit Foundation)

Video Game Palooza! is the foundation arm that is partnering with The LAN Network and all its properties. Video Game Palooza increases learning through the use of interactive technology designed to educate, entertain and inspire.  VGP develops interactive software, video games and host/manage live, educational interactive events.

Other activities they do are video game “exhibits” that we raise money for their 501(c)(3) foundation by creating interactive game kiosks by deploying new and providing refurbished video game cabinets to youth serving organizations. Select game cabinets and kiosks are donated to Video Game Palooza by individuals and organizations and are refurbished by both repairing any exterior damage and installing new age appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educational software.

We are excited to partner with such a wonderful, dynamic organization!

Tornado Spinner (Retro Video Game Spinner Device)

The Tornado Spinner has been widely regarded as the #1 top performing and popular video game spinner for emulator (MAME) based systems ever created. For over 10 years the Tornado Spinner has continued to attract rave reviews and customers worldwide as they continually comment on the quality of the product and the compatibility it has across nearly every Windows, Apple and Android based gaming platform.

The Tornado Spinner is manufactured by DreamAuthentics and is made completely of the highest quality parts and component and comes with a variety of color anodized spinner tops that can be customized and mixed and matched by customers. The Tornado Spinner has built-in support and certification from ALL major emulator and front-end software designers.

The world record for a Tornado Spinner so far has been 5 minutes and 11 seconds of continuing spin!

RetroArcadesLive.com (Retro Video Game Control Panels and Parts)

RetroArcadesLive is a website dedicated to Retro Gamers who want to build their own arcade cabinet projects and need the best possible control panels and parts in the world. The RetroArcadesLive site boasts the best-in-industry control panels that come from the same production line as DreamAuthentics.

Custom control panels range from a 1 player solitaire control panel all the way through the multi-use CO2 and granddaddy Quad 4 player control panel. Customers can browse through and build their ULTIMATE control panel and get down to the details of custom ordering and designing each button or joystick color.

Later in 2015/2016 the full functionality of the RetroArcades website will be folded into the new DreamAuthentics site for ordering convenience to our customers.

Video Game Wall Art (Personalized, Reusable, LifeLike Wall Decals)

Video Game Wall Art are personalized, lifelike, reusable, wall decals made from your favorite video game character, prop, digital images, or royalty free artwork. Video Game Wall Art uses self-adhesive, fabric matte paper (die-cut to your specifications) – and go on any clean, non-porous surface.

Video Game Wall Art are durable, pliable, and won’t leave any sticky residue – they make for a cost-effective way to change, modify or enhance the everyday look, feel and impression of your home, office, or organization. Video Game Wall Art are also fantastic as temporary, removable additions for parties and corporate activities. “Game On The Wall!”