Arcade Game Rentals by Dream Authentics

Since our inception in 2000, DreamAuthentics has defined the personal arcade for customers all over the world as we invented the industry for multi-unit custom arcades.

Fast forward 15+ years later we are continuing our commitment to the video arcade rentals business for our customers by offering a game rental service that captivates the imagination of customers of all ages.

We rent arcade games through our game rental service that is tailored to our customer’s exact needs. We work with event planners, party planners and directly with personal and corporate clients to match the needs of their arcade rental needs with our expertise in the business.

In 2000 we created the DreamAuthentics Excalibur which was the first commercially available and PC-based multi-game personalized retro arcade. What makes these games incredible is the fact that they are capable of playing over 10,000 classic arcade games.

Customers who allow for us to design their arcade machine game rentals will greatly benefit from the years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

In addition to the fact that we have a rich history of designing arcades, we also have a vast collection of original retro arcade cabinets that number in the several hundred range – be assured that our game rental service and arcade game rentals will offer you exactly what you want for any size event.

Some of the most popular choices for convention and party planners are the sit down arcade games such as Daytona USA and Hydro Thunder racers. These two games represent some of the most popular and realistic driving simulators ever made.

Classic games such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Star Wars and Ms. Pac-Man are also very popular for adults who grew up in the 80’s – Clients come to us specifically to plan special party game rentals for adults. These adult themed events really bring back incredible memories!

In addition to party game rentals for adults, we also rent arcade games for a business and lease arcade games to businesses and individuals. We have a long, rich history of not only designing personal arcades for businesses such as SONY, PlayStation, Microsoft, Zynga, Blizzard/Activision and Playboy to name a few. Many of our corporate clients rent arcade games for a party they are having or create special employee appreciation events.

We can event brand the games with custom graphics on our award-winning arcades to match your theme. Many of our customers also enjoy it when we create special, unique arcade cabinets that are “themed and branded” that are often used as promotional giveaways or prizes for promotional business contests.

For our arcade game rentals we provide professional delivery and setup of the arcade rentals according to your schedule. Our trained, professional and knowledgeable staff have been working with all of the large meeting halls and hotels in the area, and has regularly made deliveries to some of the largest events around such as GENCON. Our extensive experience with these events guarantees you a hassle free, on-time delivery for your event. We look forward to talking with you about adding that special flourish and fun to your upcoming event.

Please contact us today to schedule your arcade game rental.


There is a one time delivery, set up, and pickup charge based on the distance of your event location from our regional warehouses.

This charge will vary if your event is on the weekend or requires delivery and/or pick up, and if the games need to go up or down stairs.

Sales tax is also added to all rentals and delivery fees.