Ultra Quad Cabinet

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The Ultra QUAD cabinet is a personal arcade system designed for 4 (four) players. You also can choose from 3 (three) unique control layouts with the CLASSIC and QUAD depending on your gaming preferences.
Ultra integrates all the software and hardware platforms required for you to experience the ULTIMATE collection of classic arcade games in a universal, cool arcade product with their ORIGINAL Graphics, ORIGINAL Sound and ORIGINAL Picture aspect ratio!
The Ultra includes a CUSTOM computer platform, a huge ORIGINAL ARCADE monitor, a ONE TOUCH ON/OFF POWER SWITCH, an arcade authentic audio system with subwoofer, and revolutionary control panel with spinner (tempest), illuminated trackball (missile command)and AUTHENTIC arcade joysticks and controls.
The Ultra will definitely become the “centerpiece attraction” in any game room and the “life of the party” when you are entertaining.
Our systems have been extensively tested and designed to be fully compatible with all PC-based game emulators. Unlike other systems you may see, all DreamAuthentics products also come with:

All DreamAuthentics products also come with:

  • (even though you CAN use them you will NEVER BE FORCED TO)
  • Software to play all your favorite DVD movies
  • Software to play all your favorite Music Audio Files
  • Unlimited Expansion Architecture

ALL our arcade platforms can play thousands of video games designed for use with Microsoft Windows Operating System and are 100% compatible with the MAME(tm) emulator.
Don’t delay – get a ULTRA QUAD today!

Ultra Quad HD Cabinet Dimensions

Top Quad Standalone Control Panel: 48.5″W X 22″
72″ High
31″ Deep (with no control panel)
34.5″ Wide (with no control panel)
Front of cabinet to front of Control Panel 38.5″ (with control panel on)

Finished 27″ Tube Cabinet Dimensions:

Overall Width 26 1/2″
Overall Height 74 1/2″
Overall Depth 39″
Viewable Monitor Space 25″W X 25″H

Arcade Machines mobstarsCAB
Arcade Machines mobstarsCAB
Customize Options
Customize Options

Game Engine

Arcade Graphics Engine

Control Panel
Custom 2 Player Control Panel Overlay UpgradeFull Cabinet Graphics Package Upgrade - 2 PlayerMetal Game Spinner UpgradePinball Button UpgradeCustom Button Color ChangeCustom Control Panel Layout Design

You may configure Stainless Steel with Optical 360 Joysticks but NOT with Rotary Joysticks
Stainless Steel Joysticks for 2 Player PanelOptical 360 Joystick for 2 Player control panelRotary Joystick Upgrade (2 Joystricks MAX)

Illuminated Parts
Illuminated TrackballLighted Ball Top Handles for 2 player control panelIlluminated 2 Player PackageNone

Flight Sticks
Integrated Flight Stick for ExcaliburWireless Flight StickNone

Cool Toys
Guitar Hero Bundle with SONY PS2Guitar Hero Bundle with XBOX 360DVR Home Theatre UpgradeDDR Dance Dance RevolutionGolf PadMicro Racing Steering Wheel Upgrade

Playstation Gear
Guitar Hero 1 Bundle with Guitar for PS2Guitar Hero 2 Bundle with Guitar for PS2Guitar Hero II - PS2 (SOFTWARE ONLY)Guitar Hero PS2 (SOFTWARE ONLY)

Light Gun
Arcade Light Gun

DreamAuthentics Standard Cabinet MarqueeCustom Game Cabinet Marquee

Cup Holders
Standard Cup HolderProfessional Cup HolderElite Cup HolderDual Cup Holder

On Site Services
On-site Installation and Set Up

Red Carpet Shipping - Special Quote 1Red Carpet Shipping - Special Quote 2White Glove Shipping - Special Quote 1White Glove Shipping - Special Quote 2Custom shipping options will be presented by our staff via email after your order is submitted.None

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