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Kiocade is ideal for “edu-taining” employees, customers and vendors. You can: Run company videos and promotional materials; showcase your people, products, services, and directions in an exciting, interactive style; watch television shows; use it a as a stand-up workstation to access the internet, and run spreadsheets, reports and presentations through its accessible PC and four front-mounted USB drives; print documents, by storing a printer inside the cabinet; and most important, as a consistent, 24/7 communications and commerce system to generate profitable sales and decrease costs by helping with HR, news, security, administration, scheduling, policies/benefits, job postings, training, order entry, e-commerce, and more. (And DreamAuthentics can also develop customized software to assist with all of these important functions.)

With so many performance-enhancing, ROI benefits – you can see why Kiocade is a great “corporate asset.”

But it gets better (if you want). You see, if the organization wants to get energized, and do some team-building, morale-boosting, laugh-out-loud, feel-good-generating fun … Kiocade transforms into an exciting VIDEO ARCADE SYSTEM. Thanks to its unique design and control panel – Kiocade can play over 125 pre-loaded classic arcade games, like: Pac Man™, Galaga™, Space Invaders™, and Centipede™. And because it’s powered by an accessible PC, you can load thousands of other games and applications as well. Kiocade can also store and play today’s hottest console systems including Dance Dance Revolution™, Guitar Hero™, Wii™, PSP™, and Xbox™. You can also use Kiocade at trade shows to edutain prospects, at parties (karaoke anyone?), and as co-branded incentives for customers, vendors and employees. But more than just being good for business, and games for the sake of fun and camaraderie, researchers have determined that employees who take a “gaming” break during the day, are 38% happier and more productive. More ROI!

Kiocade is singularly unique, genuinely exceptional, and extremely cool. It goes great in companies of all industries and sizes. Kiocade is also terrific for hotels, sports arenas, convention centers, stores, restaurants, hospitals, doctor’s offices, retirement communities, malls, and homes. To learn more about Kiocade and DreamAuthentics, and understand why organizations like Microsoft, Lifelock, Eli Lilly, Zynga, Cablevision, MSNBC, Blizzard Entertainment, Playboy, ManiaTV, and thousands of people from all around the world enjoy our innovative products and outstanding customer service

Height (floor to top):  75″
Height (floor to keyboard drawer): 34″
Width (front to back using thickest point): 32″
Depth (side to side using widest point):  24.5 *not including CP)
Weight: approximately 255 (and on wheels)
Monitor: Floor to bottom of monitor roughly 49″
Floor to top of monitor roughly 64 3/4″
Viewable area 28″X 15 ¾

Arcade Machines Kiocade Omni1 machine
Arcade Machines Kiocade Omni1 machine
Customize Options
Customize Options

Game Engine

Arcade Graphics Engine

Control Panel
Custom 2 Player Control Panel Overlay UpgradeFull Cabinet Graphics Package Upgrade - 2 PlayerMetal Game Spinner UpgradePinball Button UpgradeCustom Button Color ChangeCustom Control Panel Layout Design

You may configure Stainless Steel with Optical 360 Joysticks but NOT with Rotary Joysticks
Stainless Steel Joysticks for 2 Player PanelOptical 360 Joystick for 2 Player control panelRotary Joystick Upgrade (2 Joystricks MAX)

Illuminated Parts
Illuminated TrackballLighted Ball Top Handles for 2 player control panelIlluminated 2 Player PackageNone

Flight Sticks
Integrated Flight Stick for ExcaliburWireless Flight StickNone

Cool Toys
Guitar Hero Bundle with SONY PS2Guitar Hero Bundle with XBOX 360DVR Home Theatre UpgradeDDR Dance Dance RevolutionGolf PadMicro Racing Steering Wheel Upgrade

Playstation Gear
Guitar Hero 1 Bundle with Guitar for PS2Guitar Hero 2 Bundle with Guitar for PS2Guitar Hero II - PS2 (SOFTWARE ONLY)Guitar Hero PS2 (SOFTWARE ONLY)

Light Gun
Arcade Light Gun

DreamAuthentics Standard Cabinet MarqueeCustom Game Cabinet Marquee

Cup Holders
Standard Cup HolderProfessional Cup HolderElite Cup HolderDual Cup Holder

On Site Services
On-site Installation and Set Up

Red Carpet Shipping - Special Quote 1Red Carpet Shipping - Special Quote 2White Glove Shipping - Special Quote 1White Glove Shipping - Special Quote 2Custom shipping options will be presented by our staff via email after your order is submitted.None

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