Dream Home Arcades

Since 2000, DreamAuthentics has been defining the personal video arcade. The personal video arcades we have been manufacturing for nearly two decades range in form, function and price which allow the ultimate in customization. Our arcades integrate all the software and hardware platforms required for you to experience the ULTIMATE collection of classic arcade games in a universal, cool arcade product with their ORIGINAL Graphics, ORIGINAL Sound and ORIGINAL Picture aspect ratio!

Our products include a CUSTOM computer platform, a huge arcade display, a ONE TOUCH ON/OFF POWER SWITCH, an arcade authentic audio system with subwoofer, and revolutionary control panel with spinner, illuminated trackball and AUTHENTIC arcade joysticks and buttons.

Our systems have been extensively tested and designed to be fully compatible with all PC-based games and software emulators such as MAME(tm).

Arcade Machines eladiusarcade
Arcade Games - JunoCAB
DreamAuthentics MAME Arcade - katana
Arcade Machines Kiocade Batman machine
Excalibur Ultra Vegas Super machine
Excalibur Ultra Vegas Super machine
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