Gaming Pedestal

DreamAuthentics continues to define the personal video arcade with our classic retro arcade Gaming Pedestal!

Our full line of customized gaming pedestal cabinets can be customized to virtually any look you can imagine. Our gaming pedestals have the same  high quality construction features and precision design as the rest of our award-winning product line.

If your home or office is limited by space the gaming pedestal is right for you. Inside the gaming pedestal we supply our powerful Combustion arcade game engine that runs all modern and classic retro arcade titles.

Most of our customers provide their own wall-mounted HD flat screens for the displays or we can provide one of our flat screen arcade monitors and stand to integrate it in your space.

Finally, all of our Gaming Pedestals come in 2 and 4 player layouts just like the rest of our products do.

Finally, if you want to TOTALLY OPTIMIZE your classic retro gaming space our Gaming Pedestal is for you!

Home Arcade Pedestal