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“I Love it! The quality is first rate, it looks amazing, and it’s a huge hit with my family and friends.”

Kevin C. (Livingston, NJ)

“Ever since I got my Ultra Quad, I’ve been the ultimate friend to all my buddies. My house is the place to be! It’s good to be Ultra Man!”

John Z. (Denville, NJ)

“Thanks DreamAuthentics for the terrific service, the fantastic product, and all of its incredible fun! Now, if we can just get some sleep!”

Ben L. (Des Plaines, IL)

“Living in a small NY apartment, space (and money) is tight. With Katana, I get my very own personalized arcade game jukebox in a size that fits, for a price that’s practical. I like that a lot.”

Jack D, New York, NY

“In terms of fun, good times and family entertainment, Excalibur from DreamAuthentics is definitely the best money (and investment) I have ever made.”

Gary D. (Oakville, Ontario Canada)

“Absolutely AWESOME! The look, feel and craftsmanship is top notch. It’s simply brilliant!”

Matt O, Omaha, NE

“With so many fun, performance-enhancing, ROI benefits – Kiocade is really a great asset to our business.”

Jacob E, Seattle, WA