The Retro Arcades Quad unit is the only arcade control panel that allows seamless 4-player gaming madness. It is very comfortable for 1 player gaming with all the controls being easily accessible as well as 4 adults or children. It includes some awesome SlikStik features such as a SlikStik Tornado spinner, an extended Asteroids button layout and superior craftsmanship.

Games like Gauntlet, The Simpson’s, Sunset Riders & Xmen are just some of the titles that the Quad unit can handle. We can’t say enough about this unit, if you want a party machine that all your friends and family will enjoy, this is it.

Unit Key Features:

  • 4 player joystick layout.
  •  Dedicated 4-way joystick.
  •  3″ Trackball.
  • Tornado spinner.
  • Extended Asteroids layout.
  • Autocad designed & CNC manufactured.
  • Fully programmable.