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Arcade Cup Holders

Add a Sleek Metal Drink Holder to your Dream Machine!

Introducing the Series Cup Holders... the coolest beverage containers on this planet!

Perfect for your Ultimate DreamAuthentics video game cabinet.

With the included quick installation document, you can mount it virtually anywhere on the cabinet! Stop worrying about spilled drinks - whether you're shooting enemies or blasting space aliens, the sleek design keeps your cup LEVEL, against movement to ensure that it always remains upright.

Its gradual design ensures there is virtually no chance of an item being thrown from the holder. The cup holder is extremely easy to mount anywhere on the cabinet you need It. Its flexible, modular design allows you to transfer the unit from one mounting configuration to another.

It also works for cell phones, sunglasses, light guns, and anything else that can slip from the game unit. Several models are available, All models are proudly manufactured in the USA.


Cup Holder Name
Cup Holder Name
Cup Holder Name
Cup Holder Name

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